Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To be scientific, I should re-test the amplifiers

Now I realize that most likely I had the Parasound attenuated by 6dB by its volume controls.  Since at the time, the Behringer digital gain was set to +0.4dB, and since the Aragon has 1.5dB less gain, the new exactly equivalent digital gain setting would be -4.1dB.

While I was listening to We Want To Be Loved and Imaginary Day, I actually had the gain set to -6.9dB.  In other words, I had dialed in a relative 2.8dB of subwoofer boost.  No wonder the lows sounded so spectacular.  Later, while listening to Hotel California, I changed the setting to -6.5, which would correspond to 2.4dB of relative subwoofer boost.

I do not want to give this boost up, I think it needs at least that much.  I hadn't adjusted the sub for a long time, and with changes in EQ and listening position, clearly the new bass level is better.

So to be scientific and fair to the Parasound, I should hook it up again, adjusted with the same relative bass levels I am using now.  I'm not sure I'll bother with that.  To be really scientific, I'd use my ABX comparator.

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