Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AIX Recordings

After several days of listening the the great AIX recording "Moonlight Sonata", I switched over to the AIX sampler.  I think I could pick out at least 5 more discs worth getting.

One thing is very curious about the two above DVD-Audio discs, however.  When I play them, and bring up the information screen, it shows that I am listening to 2 channel LPCM.  I go to the audio menu and there are no other choices.  Despite the fact that picture shows "96/24/5.1" and stereo isn't mentioned at all and there is no audio selection menu.

Just to be sure I wasn't losing my mind, or that the player itself doesn't automatically select stereo because I have only two speakers selected in the setup, I went back to King Crimson Court of the Crimson King, and saw that it shows 5.1 channels in the information screen when I select (or default) that audio mode, despite the fact I only have stereo outputs connected and have only two channels selected in the setup menu and am therefore listening to a stereo downmix.

On another AIX recording I also get the 5.1 display even when downmixing to stereo.

Either Moonlight Sonata and the Sampler somehow detect that I have an all stereo setup and deign to play accordingly, which would be a new but welcome feature, or I need to update my Oppo firmware to get the 5.1, if I ever want 5.1.

I do want to update my Oppo firmware eventually anyway.  I'm hoping they've fixed the startup bug.  I find that if I run the BDP-95 from a cold start, the music hiccups once or twice in the first 5 minutes, possible concurrent with the fan coming on.

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