Monday, May 2, 2011

Aha! The best listening position

After finding the bass somewhat better at a listening position slightly farther back, I tried going all the way baaack to my old deep field listening position another 2 feet back.  Even better bass, really enjoying the bass sounds from the DVD-Audio of Santana's Supernatural here.

But even though I could be classified as bass freak, I'd still rather have the closer-up imaging, now that I hear what it can sound like.

So I tried something way different.  I moved the listening chair all the way up front, as close as possible without losing the separate ottoman of my listening chair.

And THAT position has it all, great bass, even more incredible imaging.  Funny it always seemed that moving so close destroyed the center image.  But now, not so.  What gives?  Is it just that I have learned to hear a center image with such a wide angle (greater than 70 degrees I think) now, when it never seemed I could do so before?

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